What Do I Need to Home School My Child? – Teaching Your Child at Home

Once a parent has made the decision to home school their children, they will face a difficult and important decision. They will wonder, “What home schooling supplies do I need?” Many parents wonder if they do not buy the right supplies, if their children will get a good education. There are many options, so the decisions can be overwhelming.The most important thing to remember is: do not panic! There are a lot of great educational supplies out there, and if you carefully chose what you get, your children will not get short-changed. Do not immediately go out and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Do some research, ask other home schooling parents, and then carefully decide what to buy.First of all, if your children are very young, you may not need many home schooling supplies at all. You can probably home school them for free using the library and Internet. Make sure you have plenty of books for them to read and that you read to them often. You can print off science projects from your computer, and get your supplies together yourself. If you want workbooks for math, language, or spelling, these can be purchased at almost any store. Small children do not need a lot of supplies.On the other hand, you may want to invest in a boxed curriculum. These are especially useful if you are not a planner, or if you have several children that can use the same materials. Before you invest your money, talk with people who have used the curriculum, and get their opinions and advice. You may even be able to purchase the curriculum used, for a much lower price.Curriculum fairs are held in every state, usually during the summer. Simply search the Internet for “curriculum fair (insert your state here).” These fairs are useful, because you can actually look at home schooling supplies before buying them. Home school companies will have representatives on hand to talk to you and answer your questions.If you are unable to attend a curriculum fair, you can still get help with your home schooling supplies. Use your favorite search engine to find different companies that sell curriculum. Most all of them offer free catalogs by mail. Looking at catalogs is the next best thing to actually seeing the curriculum. Keep in mind that some companies actually offer return guarantees. So if you buy supplies and do not like them, you may be able to return them for a full or partial refund.Home schooling and purchasing supplies involves some difficult decision making. However, you can simplify your search for curriculum by taking your time and researching before you buy. If you are careful and wise in your choices, your children will get a great education and your life as a home schooling parent will be easier!

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